Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Freebie 09-19-08

We hope you are enjoying your freebies. If you have pages made post a link to them so we can come and enjoy your creativity.

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Have a great Weekend!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

monday freebie for 9-15-08

Have you ever noticed it seems that once Halloween is gone the other holidays are right there. I never seem to be quite ready. I always have good intentions but I seem to be always just a bit behind schedule. Maybe todays freebie will help you get a little more done.

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Have a very productive week!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friday Freebie for 9-12-08

Well we are getting ready to scrap those ghosts and goblins and we have a few more cards to make. Hope your halloween creativity is rolling along.

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Wishing you a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monday freebie for 9-8-08

Todays freebie will take you back to those golden times.

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Smile all week, it will make your enemies wonder what you are up to!

Happy Grandparents Day and Freebie

Well I am sitting here with many thoughts running through my head and smiling at the same time. LOL
First I want to wish all Grandparents a very Happy Grandparents Day, today is your day for recognition.
I too, am a grandmother of 2 of the cutest little rascals. Yes I am a very predjudice Grandma and I very proudly tell that. Now, one of these days I may actually tell you how onery they are, but for now they are little angels. Brooklynn is my oldest and just turned 3 years old, she is learning so many things right now from her abc's to her number's to name's, etc. She is also having a bit of the "I am beggining to be my own person thing".
Daleigh who will be 14 months old in a few days is also learning many new things. She is at that stage where she is trying to see how far she can push and get her way. She is hardly ever quiet and constantly on the move. You need roller skates to keep up with her.
I have to grin when I think of my 2 grandbabies. You see Daleigh is my daughters little one and my oldest child. Tish was always a quiet child, love to read books, watch sesame street, and played so quiet. When her brother came along when she was 6 he was just the opposite, noisy, loud, full of mischief. She was always hollering at him to be quiet.
So I am grinning thinking that Tish got the loud baby and Billy Dale got the quiet one. But, my children will call me and say MOM, you will not guess what your grandaughter is doing, lol. Oh, but I can only hope what they are doing, I hope they are coming up with ways to embarass their parents like my 2 kids did us. LOL.
I know many children do things when they are young that really embarass their parents but let me tell you, if I told you what my children did you would laugh for weeks! I would tell you now but better run it by the kids, they might shoot me if I tell all their little tails. I will not mention names but will give you a few hints. Your in a grocery store and you have been trying to teach your child the difference between boys and girls and they blurt it out for all to hear, or you happen to have on a shirt that snaps down the front and they grab it and yank and there you stand for all to see, or better yet you are walking down the aisle at the mall with one that is at the age that they want to walk not be held or ride and they are stopping every few minutes and leaving a trail of little poopy balls behind them, or one decides they need to pee pee and they do it right smack in the middle of the parking lot!
Oh yeah I can only hope that one day my children will call and say MOM your grandaughter embarassed me to death today! Yep, I will smile and say pay backs are heck! And I will laugh!
So again Happy Grandparents Day to all of our Wonderful Grandparents, remember you do make a difference in your grandbabies lives!

Here is a freebie from 2MrsSumners Designs and check out their blog you might find a few more great goodies!

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Happy Grandparents Day!

Deb S

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Friday Freebie for 9-5-08

We hope todays freebie will help you scrap that gorgeous little spook or ghost and you can make them a great Halloween card too!

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Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family History Thursday

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! The weekend is right around the corner so smile and it will help the day go faster.

Last week I mentioned sharing. I guess this is my pet peeve so to speak. If you are researching do you share your research with others? If they share with you do you give them credit?

I sure hope so, what good is that history doing if it is just sitting there on your computer. Mine isn't doing alot of good because so far I can not get my children interested. I sure hope one of my grandchildren takes after Grandma and loves this so that I have someone to pass it on to. I did put out a book for a family reunion.

In the meantime I try to share, yes I get frustrated many times when someone wants everything I have but never sends one thing in return. Now it would be different if they said I have nothing but will help look and get documents what do we need.But I have those that state I have alot of information on my grandfather down but nothing on his parents, I need all of your information. Hmmm, well, I would love a photo or 2 and maybe a few items to go in his file that I might not have.

So, Yes I get so frustrated with this. My theory is, if you want something then you must also give something, and then say Thank You. Share your information, share equally with someone. Give don't just take and then help each other, after all you are searching the same lines.
I know one person in our family research that has alienated everyone to the point that no one, not even myself will share with her at all. She never shares and she always takes 100 percent credit that she has done every stitch of research. Well in the family we know who has done what research and who has shared, there are none of us rich so we take turns ordering documentation to help out, then scan and share files. It is sad that she has done this to us, but she has.

So think about sharing your information. Share equally with someone, and always say thank you, it so nice to be courteous.

We are sharing another freebie from DIP's Childrens Greeting Collection today. Post a nice thank you on Debs posts and let her know how much you appreciate her gracious freebies! Thank You, 2 words that sometimes will make a person's day seem so much brighter!

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Til Next Week
Deb Sumner

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"From The Heart" Wednesday 9-3-08

Last Wednesday I wanted to do a celebration of fathers as it was my fathers birthday. Time did not allow for a worthy article to be written about him; therefore it has become todays entry.
I am very blessed to still have both of my parents. My dad just turned 69 and my mother will turn 69 in November. I suppose I judge all men by my fathers standards; and I have to say that not many measure up in my eyes.

I have a million wonderful memories of him, and writing about them all would probably take me a lifetime. I thought I would share just a few of those memories with you.
My father is a quiet man, a gentle man, a loving husband and father. He lost his own dad when he was only 14 years old and it has always amazed me that without a father figure from such a young age; that he somehow fell into the parenting role and perfected it.

I recall my father going to work with pneumonia to feed us. I recall him playing ball with us in the backyard after a long day of manual labor, or tossing us across a swimming pool on hot summer days. I remember how hard he worked, often late hours, many many weekends and of the struggle it must have been to provide for a family of seven. I never doubted his love.

My most treasured gift is a glass bird shaped paperweight that my father gave me on my 16th birthday. He was working construction at the time for a company that rebuilt mobile homes. I had a birthday party and the usual wrapped gifts that my mother had picked out for me as mothers always do. (I don't know of a man that truly likes to I was outside when my dad came home from work that day and he called me to his truck as he parked. I remember that he said "this isn't much, but I found it today and thought you might like it". He opened his hand to reveal the bird in his palm. I can still recall how loved and special I felt at that moment; he had remembered my birthday!

My dad and I loved to fish together. I can't begin to tell you how many times he got in trouble with my mother over a fishing trip that was supposed to end at dusk dragging out much later than expected. I was a sickly child and my mother always feared the worse concerning the night air and dew bringing on an asthma attack. We would drag home damp, dirty and with NO catch and my mother would be fuming mad. My fathers defense was "honey, the fish were biting"..this from a man with an empty I wouldn't classify us as having been poor. We always had a roof, there was always food on the table; but we lived payday to payday and there wasn't money for many extras. Through horse trading and probably trading out work my dad somehow managed to get us a little aluminum boat. We could catch the big ones now! Well we spent many an hour in that boat and though the fishing wasn't any better, at least we had a change of scenery. Dad and I loved that boat and I was happy for him. He had wanted one for years and he finally had one. We fished several times a week, this wasn't a once in awhile hobby for us, but a way of life.

We had health insurance but copays have a way of eating up the extra dollars when you are raising a child that is continually sick. A time came that I worsened and was hospitalized. I came home with nine prescriptions that I would remain on for several years. I was young and of course did not realize the expense involved with a hospital stay. I do now. A few weeks had passed and I was feeling better and I recall going outside to where my dad was working on something. "Let's take the boat out and go fishing dad" I said. He didn't look away from his work. "I sold the boat, but if you're up to standing on the bank we can go wet a line". I didn't ask why; I knew the answer. I knew what the boat had meant to him and it was at that point that I began to understand the sacrifices that he made for his family. What he didn't say that day spoke a million words to my heart and emotions.

I have a million of those stories that will pull those heartstrings; but let me move on to the other side of my dad. He is FUNNY! His nickname is "curly"; given to him by humorous coworkers referrring to his bald head. He has a fringe of red hair and I don't really recall a time that he had much more than that. His favorite expression is "finer than frog hair". He is adored and respected by everyone that knows him. He has a heart bigger than Texas and a smile that comes easily.

He LIES. The man lies continually and his forehead wrinkles when he is getting ready to tell you a really big one. He lies so often that when he tells you something in truth, you always question "now is this the truth or is it a curly"? Lies in our family are now referred to as "curlys". It is always silly stuff, but it is a daily thing and even after all of these years the family members still fall for about half of them! To give you an example we live fifteen miles apart. If I call and say that it is raining at my house he will top me with "its raining here too; they have the road blocked off and Im standing on the coffee table to talk to you." Things like that. He is Irish and always has a tale to spin!

My father cannot resist the urge to steal a cigarette lighter. He doesn't care about the color and he insists that it isn't intentional; but if you are a smoker at his house and you visit for longer than fifteen minutes, you can count on your lighter being in his pocket when you again need it. He is skinny and I have often wondered how he keeps his pants up with the weight of all of those lighters in his pockets!

My father has taught me many, many lessons over the course of 45 years. The value of hard work and being able to hold your head up knowing that you have given 100% to any task that you tackle. The importance of fairness and a kind heart to everyone that you encounter on your path. He has taught me to laugh and that it is okay to be silly even when you are no longer a child. The pride of family and the family name, and that a man is only as good as his word. The true meaning of our family role and our obligations to that unit. He has taught me that a parent can be a friend to their child; because he is genuinely one of my very best friends. Above all he has shown me that love has no boundaries; that it is an ever flowing spring that never ceases.

I know that the day will probably come when it is time to say goodbye to this man. I cannot possibly imagine my life without him. For those of you that are lucky enough to still have your fathers in your life; take a minute and give him a call today just to say "I love you".

Write down some of your own memories of your dad to share with your children and future generations. So many times we lose the reality of who a person was and these are things that your grandchildren will one day cherish. I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know my dad today. Share some memories with me in the comments area of your own dad stories :-).

To celebrate our love for dads, I have put together a quick word art freebie for you.

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Pet Peeve Tuesday 9-2-2008

"Pet Peeve Tuesday 9-2-2008"

We recently had a posting from an anonymous poster that complained about having to enter a password to get their freebie. Their complaint was that it is too much work and takes too long. It is Saturday afternoon as I sit here writing this. Deb S. is also working on a new post and freebies for our blog. I would estimate that between the two of us, we dedicate at least 50 hours a week to our blog and freebie creations. Why? I would be less than truthful if I said that we aren't in hopes of it generating business on the website. However, that is only a small part of the reason. We are digital scrappers above all else and like you, we enjoy sharing the friendship and creativity that often accompanies it.

Fifty hours a week is a tremendous amount of time to dedicate to writing articles geared to entertain and hopefully teach a few lessons as we go. Many of those hours go into creating the freebies that we give away. This is fifty hours a week that we could be devoting to our families and obligations. So for the poster that complains that our download process is too much work..YOU and people like you are this weeks pet peeve!

If my pet peeve winner of the week is reading this; compare 50 hours of creating time and a complaining reader to your download time; and you will know WHY it is that you deserved an entire post on our blog.

Many years ago when I was first learning digital graphics, I had a website in which we painted avatars for people in a chat program. Of course there was no charge, it was simply a few digital artists sharing their time and talent with others. After four months of hearing complaints and whining I started hitting the delete key, and in a span of four minutes, it all ceased to exist. What had begun as an enjoyable hobby had been turned ugly by those that could not be satisfied. Huge demands of our time and talents and a lack of appreciation for our efforts finally made me explode. Somewhere people began to forget that we were GIVING them something and asking nothing but their patience in return.

I do not know who this particular "anonymous" is. I do hope that he/she has moved on and will not return to our blog. I also hope that our other "anonymous" poster that responded to the post is reading this..THANK YOU for defending us, it means the world to Deb S. and myself to know that someone out there went to bat for us! We LOVE the readers like you that appreciate our efforts.

We try to make our blog as convenient as possible for everyone. As for our passworded freebies, it is for your protection. It assures that our freebie downloads remain safe and hacker free. This benefits our readers above all else, afterall we have our files saved on our hard drives; so a hacker can simply create problems for our readers. It is passworded for YOUR protection.
In conclusion I learned from my delete process in the past. Our blog is here to stay, and though we may hit a few glitches here and there, we love sharing with all of you. There are always going to be a few wrinkles, we aren't perfect; we are human. We love reading your comments and that alone makes it worth our time. For those of you that continue to visit us, a sincere THANK YOU for hanging in there with us as we grow :-) . Go grab todays freebie!

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