Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Grandparents Day and Freebie

Well I am sitting here with many thoughts running through my head and smiling at the same time. LOL
First I want to wish all Grandparents a very Happy Grandparents Day, today is your day for recognition.
I too, am a grandmother of 2 of the cutest little rascals. Yes I am a very predjudice Grandma and I very proudly tell that. Now, one of these days I may actually tell you how onery they are, but for now they are little angels. Brooklynn is my oldest and just turned 3 years old, she is learning so many things right now from her abc's to her number's to name's, etc. She is also having a bit of the "I am beggining to be my own person thing".
Daleigh who will be 14 months old in a few days is also learning many new things. She is at that stage where she is trying to see how far she can push and get her way. She is hardly ever quiet and constantly on the move. You need roller skates to keep up with her.
I have to grin when I think of my 2 grandbabies. You see Daleigh is my daughters little one and my oldest child. Tish was always a quiet child, love to read books, watch sesame street, and played so quiet. When her brother came along when she was 6 he was just the opposite, noisy, loud, full of mischief. She was always hollering at him to be quiet.
So I am grinning thinking that Tish got the loud baby and Billy Dale got the quiet one. But, my children will call me and say MOM, you will not guess what your grandaughter is doing, lol. Oh, but I can only hope what they are doing, I hope they are coming up with ways to embarass their parents like my 2 kids did us. LOL.
I know many children do things when they are young that really embarass their parents but let me tell you, if I told you what my children did you would laugh for weeks! I would tell you now but better run it by the kids, they might shoot me if I tell all their little tails. I will not mention names but will give you a few hints. Your in a grocery store and you have been trying to teach your child the difference between boys and girls and they blurt it out for all to hear, or you happen to have on a shirt that snaps down the front and they grab it and yank and there you stand for all to see, or better yet you are walking down the aisle at the mall with one that is at the age that they want to walk not be held or ride and they are stopping every few minutes and leaving a trail of little poopy balls behind them, or one decides they need to pee pee and they do it right smack in the middle of the parking lot!
Oh yeah I can only hope that one day my children will call and say MOM your grandaughter embarassed me to death today! Yep, I will smile and say pay backs are heck! And I will laugh!
So again Happy Grandparents Day to all of our Wonderful Grandparents, remember you do make a difference in your grandbabies lives!

Here is a freebie from 2MrsSumners Designs and check out their blog you might find a few more great goodies!

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Happy Grandparents Day!

Deb S

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