Thursday, August 7, 2008

2 Backgrounds for this week

I created 2 backgrounds from this weeks freebie. The first I already have plans for as well as the second one. Just love creating from DIP's images so much. There is always something you can create from any image.

I would like to Thank Ms. Deb (yep we are both Deb's) for the wonderful things she said (blushing here). I am just an ordinary person, nothing special, but we sure hit it off from the start. LilSky is also another one that from the very start we just were friends. Both of these ladies were like I had known them forever, and both are wonderful.

Ms. Deb has been going through some bad times, most of us have had those, and I feel pleased that I have been there for her, because I know if the tables were turned she would be there for me in a heartbeat. That is what friends are for, good, bad, foul moods, you name it, they are there to listen, help, nurture, whatever they can. I will be there for these girls always because I feel a very dear closeness to them and I do love them dearly.

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